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Product Description
Reagents by Fisher Chemical

Specified Laboratory Reagents (SLR REAGENTS)
  • Specified laboratory reagents for general laboratory applications, tested for up to 13 parameters. The primary specification is guaranteed across the range.
  • A group of non-specified 'bench' reagents are also available.
Analytical Reagents (AR REAGENTS)
  • Certified reagents for analytical applications, many of these products features actual lot analysis on the product label. They are tested for up to 18 guaranteed parameters plus additional typical analytical data.
  • A number of these products also comply with various Pharmacopoeias; i.e. BP, EP and USP.
Karl Fischer Reagents (AQUALINE)
  • Our Karl Fischer reagents for the determination of moisture are pyridine free and give rapid titration with a stable end point.
  • An extensive range is available including volumetric reagents, coulometric reagents and standards.
Volumetric Solutions
  • Ready to use solutions for volumetric analysis with factor up to 0.999. Concentrated solutions are available through the Solutrate range (supplied in singles or as packs of six sealed ampoules).
  • Standard and colour coded buffers are guaranteed to +/- 0.02 pH, accurately standardized and labeled with lot specific pH at 20ÂșC and traceable to NIST/BS:1647 (except pH10).
  • Our range also includes tablets, sachets, capsules and concentrates.
Mixed Eluents
  • Ready for use eluents for gradient HPLC. Blends can also be customized to meet specific needs.
Pesticide Analysis Reagents (DISTOL)
  • Suitable for pesticide and hydrocarbon residue analysis, these products are specified for ECD, NPD and FID detectors.
Reference Standards
  • A comprehensive range of certified reference standards designed to meet the exact analytical requirements of techniques such as ICP, ICP-AS, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, AAS and ion chromatography.

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