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Product Description
Solvents by Fisher Chemical

HPLC Solvents
  • A wide range of solvents and buffers designed and tested for high performance HPLC work, the range features products specifically designed for method development and electrochemical or fluorescence detector systems. Lot analysis is featured on the label.
LC-MS Solvents
  • Specifically developed to meet the stringent need of this technique. Along with assay, free acid/alkali, non-volatile matter and other elements, there is also an LC-MS use test to ensure that end users can have the utmost confidence in the solvent's performance.
GPC Solvents
  • This unique range of solvents for gel permeation chromatography is filtered to 0.2 microns and has low water, residue and colour.
Dried Solvents
  • A range of dried solvents for organic synthesis application with low level of water and residue.

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We offer a broad range of high
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We provide a broad range of laboratory
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Fisher Scientific is the UK's leading supplier
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We are the only major Indonesia
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