Part No Description
FKC#B/4320/46 Bromocresol Green Ph 3.6-5.2 IND 25G
FKC#B/4320L/08 Bromocresol Green Solution 0.04Percent IND 500ML
FKC#B/4330/46 Bromocresol Purple Ph 5.2-6.8 IND 25G
FKC#B/4630/46 Bromophenol Blue Ph 2.8-4.6 IND 25G
FKC#B/4690/44 Bromothymol Blue Ph 6.7-7.6 IND 5G
FKC#B/4690L/08 Bromothymol Blue Solution 0.04Percent IND 500ML
FKC#C/0880/79 Calcium Hardness Ind. Tablets IND 100 TAB
FKC#C/7020/46 Congo Red Solid 25G
FKC#C/7480/44 Xylenol Orange 5G
FKC#D/4140/05 Dimidium Bromide – Disulphine Blue, 100ml
FKC#E/0100/48 Eriochrome Black T (Metal Ind.) IND 100G
FKC#M/4870/46 Methylene Blue Redox IND 25G
FKC#M/4870L/08 Methylene Blue Solution 0.015Percent IND 500ML
FKC#M/5000/46 Methyl Orange Ph 2.9-4.6 IND 25G
FKC#M/5000L/08 Methyl Orange Solution 0.04Percent IND 500ML
FKC#M/5150/46 Methyl Red Spirit Soluble Ind. Ph 4.2-6.3 IND 25G
FKC#M/5170/44 Methyl Red Water Soluble Ind. Ph 4.2-6.3 IND 5G
FKC#M/5171L/08 Methyl Red Soln. 0.01 IND 500ML
FKC#M/5370/46 Methyl Violet Ph 0.1-3.2 IND 25G
FKC#P/2200/44 Phenanthroline Hydrate -1 10 AR 5G
FKC#P/2220/PB05 1,10-Phenanthroline ferrous , 0.025M solution, pure 100mL
FKC#P/2400/48 Phenolphthalein IND 100G
FKC#P/2400L/08 Phenolphthalein Solution IND 500ML
FKC#P/2420/46 Phenol Red IND 25G
FKC#T/1470/44 Thymol Blue IND 5G
FKC#T/1480/46 Thymolphthalein IND 25G

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