Identification Solutions & Services

There's something different. That's what our customers tell us about working with Brady. You've tried to pinpoint it – some of you say it's the level of service and the quality of our products; others say it's the dedication of our team members and our industry know-how. Whatever it is – there's something distinctly different. Andthat difference is why you continue to work with Brady, year after year.

At Brady, we know why we're different… it's our commitment to performance. Our uncompromising, relentless commitment to excellence – in everything we do.

Our products and solutions perform in ways that others simply can't match. Our people perform in ways that regularly exceed your expectations. And our focus and discipline work toward solid, long-term performance for our customers and shareholders.

In short, Brady is the company you trust when performance matters most.

Chemical & Reagents

We offer a broad range of high
quality fine to top value lab
grade and industrial grade chemicals
and reagents from many brands you can trust.

Lab Equipment & Scientific Instruments

We are distributor from many
Lab Equipment & Scientific Instruments.

Laboratory Consumable Products

We provide a broad range of laboratory
consumeables products from general
laboratory to a Intensive Analytical Laboratory.

Fisher Scientific & Thermo Fisher

Fisher Scientific is the UK's leading supplier
of laboratory products & laboratory equipment.
We are the only major Indonesia
based business who implement chemical
manufacturing of inorganic chemicals,
reagents and solvents.