Product Categories

Lab Equipment & Consumables

Our family of global service brands provides a complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and services for research, safety, and healthcare and science education.

Besides the instrument & consumables we manage as our routine business in the region; PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC has access to almost all laboratory products worldwide. We could provide a management solution in sourcing, procure, supply, install, testing and commissioning different type of equipment for your new lab set up.

The following is some of our most common brand that we supply:

  • IKA
  • VELP

Laboratory Furniture

Inset Steel System

  • Floor-standing
  • Used as standalones, usually mounted with reagent rack or an upright benchtop racks for maximum storage capacity
  • High weight tolerance
  • Suitable for laboratories in all industries

C-frame system

  • The C-shaped frame supports removable upper and lower storage cabinets and work surfaces
  • Can be used with floor-standing base cabinets, mobile units, or affixed with suspended cabinets
  • Storage cabinets can be positioned at any point horizontally along the table frame, and are easily removed or repositioned for cart storage or knee space areas
  • Facilitates easy cleaning in laboratories

MaxLab System

  • MaxLab adaptable furniture system provides unequaled adjustability, storage and adaptability
  • The structural framework of MAX/Lab supports floor-mounted, suspended and mobile casework
  • It is a flexible system where storage components and accessories are easily adjustable as needs change

Dinstinction System

  • Distinction offers flexibility and portability in an ever-changing laboratory system
  • Allows users to change work surfaces, shelf heights, floor plans and configurations almost instantly
  • Designed around three core elements: 
- Innovative features 
- Contemporary styling 
- Superior value

Chemical & Reagents

We offer a broad range of high
quality fine to top value lab
grade and industrial grade chemicals
and reagents from many brands you can trust.

Lab Equipment & Scientific Instruments

We are distributor from many
Lab Equipment & Scientific Instruments.

Laboratory Consumable Products

We provide a broad range of laboratory
consumeables products from general
laboratory to a Intensive Analytical Laboratory.

Fisher Scientific & Thermo Fisher

Fisher Scientific is the UK's leading supplier
of laboratory products & laboratory equipment.
We are the only major Indonesia
based business who implement chemical
manufacturing of inorganic chemicals,
reagents and solvents.