Salts & Stains

Part No Description
FKCA/1960/53 Aluminium Chloride 6-Hydrate SLR 500G
FKCA/2280/60 Alumnium Oxide Calcined 1KG
FKCA/2600/53 Aluminium Sulfate AR 500G
FKCA/3440/53 Ammonium Acetate AR 500G
FKCA/3440/60 Ammonium Acetate AR 1KG
FKCA/3680/53 Ammonium Carbonate Powder AR 500G
FKCA/3730/48 Ammonium Cerium (IV) Nitrate AR 100G
FKCA/3771/48 Ammonium Cerium (IV) Sulfate AR 100G
FKCA/3920/53 Ammonium Chloride AR 500G
FKCA/3920/60 Ammonium Chloride AR 1KG
FKCA/4082/50 Tri-Ammonium Citrate AR 250G
FKCA/4560/53 Amm. Dihyd. Orthophosphate AR 500G
FKCA/4560/60 Amm. Dihyd. Orthophosphate AR 1KG
FKCA/4760/53 Ammonium Iron (Iii) Sulfate AR 500G
FKCA/4760/60 Ammonium Iron (Iii) Sulphate AR 1KG
FKCA/4880/53 Ammonium Iron (ii) Sulphate AR 500G
FKCA/4880/60 Ammonium Iron (ii) Sulphate AR 1KG
FKCA/5160/60 Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate AR 1KG
FKCA/5360/53 Di-Amm Hyd Orthophosphate AR 500G
FKCA/5680/48 Ammonium Metavanadate SLR 100G
FKCA/5760/53 Ammonium Molybdate AR 500G
FKCA/6040/53 Ammonium Oxalate AR 500G-(P)
FKCA/6480/53 Ammonium Sulfate AR 500G
FKCA/6480/60 Ammonium Sulfate AR 1KG
FKCA/6680/53 Ammonium Thiocyanate AR 500G-(P)
FKCA/7770/50 Anti-Bumping Granules 250G
FKCA/8240/53 Antimony Trioxide 500G-(P)
FKCA/8882/48 L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) AR 100G
FKCA/8882/53 L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) AR 500G
FKCB/0550/60 Barium Chloride AR 1KG-(P)
FKCB/1950/53 Benzoic Acid AR 500G
FKCB/1950/60 Benzoic Acid AR 1KG
FKCB/3800/60 Boric Acid AR 1KG-(P)
FKCB/4791/46 Butane-1 Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt HPLC 25G
FKCC/0280/48 Cadmium Chloride Hydrated AR 100G
FKCC/0520/48 Cadmium Sulfate AR 100G
FKCC/0680/48 Caesium Chloride AR 100G
FKCC/1120/50 Calcium Carbonate AR 250G
FKCC/1400/53 Calcium Chloride Fused Gran 500G
FKCC/1500/53 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate AR 500G
FKCC/1500/60 Calcium Chloride Dihydrate AR 1KG
FKCC/2640/48 Canada Balsam Filtered 100G
FKCC/3320/48 Catechol SLR 100G
FKCC/3440/05 Cedarwood Oil Thickened 100ML
FKCC/3720/48 Cerium (Iv) Sulfate Hydrated Low Rare Earths SLR 100G
FKCC/3960/53 Cetyl Trimethylammonium Bromide SLR 500G
FKCC/4280/53 Chloral Hydrate SLR 500G-(P)
FKCC/4320/53 Chloramine-T Sodium Salt 500G
FKCC/6200/53 Citric Acid AR 500G
FKCC/6200/60 Citric Acid AR 1KG
FKCC/6560/48 Cobalt (II) Chloride AR 100G
FKCC/7960/48 Copper (II) Chloride AR 100G
FKCC/8560/53 Cupric Sulfate AR 500G
FKCC/8560/60 Cupric Sulfate AR 1KG
FKCC/P540/46 Coomassie Blue R250 25G
FKCC/P541/46 Coomassie Blue G250 25G
FKCD/0700/53 Edta Disodium Salt AR 500G
FKCF/1170/50 Florisil (About 60-100 U.S. Mesh) 250G
FKCF/1173/50 Florisil (About 100-200 U.S. Mesh) 250G
FKCF/1952/53 D(-)Fructose (Laevulose) AR 500G
FKCF/P770/46 Basic Fuchsin Pararosaniline 25G
FKCG/0275/46 Giemsa Stain Certified 25G
FKCG/0500/53 D-Glucose Anhyd. AR 500G
FKCG/0500/60 D-Glucose Anhyd. AR 1KG
FKCG/0515/48 L-Glutamic Acid, 100g
FKCG/0800/60 Glycine AR 1KG
FKCG/1050/53 Gum Acacia Gum Arabic Powder 500G
FKCH/0168/46 Heptane-1- Sulfonic Acid Sod. Salt HPLC 25G
FKCH/0168/48 Heptane-1- Sulfonic Acid Sod. Salt HPLC 100G
FKCH/0438/46 Hexane-1- Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt HPLC 25G
FKCH/0438/48 Hexane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt HPLC 100G
FKCH/0700/48 Hydrazinum Sulfate AR 100G
FKCI/0500/53 Iodine AR 500G-(P)
FKCI/1157/53 Iron (II) Sulfate AR 500G
FKCK/0120/81 Kjeldahl Catalyst Copper Tablets 1000 TAB
FKCK/0150/80 Kjeldahl Catalyst Selenium Tablets 500 TAB
FKCL/0250/53 Lactose Fine Powder AR 500G
FKCL/0451/48 Lanthanum Chloride AR 100G
FKCL/0510/48 Lanthanum Oxide AR 100G
FKCL/1000/53 Lead Acetate AR 500G – (P)
FKCL/1720/53 Lead (II) Sulfate 500G – (P)
FKCL/2201/50 Lithium Chloride Anhyd. AR 250G
FKCM/0450/53 Magnesium Carbonate Hyd.Basic Hvy. 500G
FKCM/0600/53 Magnesium Chloride AR 500G
FKCM/0850/53 Magnesium Oxide Light SLR 500G
FKCM/1050/53 Magnesium Sulfate AR 500G
FKCM/1450/53 Maltose 500G
FKCM/1850/53 Manganese (II) Chloride AR 500G
FKCM/2300/53 Manganous (II) Sulfate Hydrated AR 500G
FKCM/2405/53 Mannitol (Mannite) AR 500G
FKCM/2420/45 D(+)Mannose SLR 10G
FKCM/2850/48 Mercury (II) Chloride AR 100G-(P)
FKCM/2950/48 Mercury (II) Iodide SLR 100G-(P)
FKCM/3851/53 Metaphosphoric Acid SLR 500G
FKCN/2158/48 Ninhydrin 100G
FKCO/0028/46 Octane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt HPLC 25G
FKCO/0028/48 Octane Sulfonic Acid Sod.Salt HPLC 100G
FKCO/0650/53 Oxalic Acid AR 500G-(P)
FKCO/0650/60 Oxalic Acid AR 1KG -(P)
FKCP/1038/46 Pentane Sulfonic Acid Sodium Salt HPLC 25G
FKCP/2360/53 Phenol detached crystal, AR 500G-(P)
FKCP/2360/60 Phenol Detatched Crystals AR 1KG-(P)
FKCP/3000/53 Phosphorus Pentoxide AR 500G
FKCP/3761/53 Pot. Acetate AR 500G
FKCP/4000/53 Pot. Bromide AR 500G-(P)
FKCP/4020/48 Pot. Bromide SPECTRO 100G-(P)
FKCP/4120/53 Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous AR, 500g
FKCP/4120/60 Potassium Carbonate Anhydrous AR, 1KG
FKCP/4280/53 Potassium Chloride AR, 500g
FKCP/4280/60 Potassium Chloride AR, 1kg
FKCP/4400/53 Pot. Chromate AR 500G
FKCP/4600/50 Pot. Cyanide AR 250G-(P)
FKCP/4720/50 Pot. Dichromate AR 250G
FKCP/4800/53 Pot. Dihyd. Orthophosphate AR 500G
FKCP/4800/60 Pot. Dihyd. Orthophosphate AR 1KG
FKCP/4880/53 Pot. Hexacyanoferrate (III) AR 500G-(P) – Temporary out of stock
FKCP/4960/53 Pot. Hexacyanoferrate (II) AR 500G-(P)
FKCP/5000/53 Potassium Fluoride anhydrous SLR, 500g-(P)
FKCP/5245/53 Di-Pot. Hyd. Orthophosphate Anhyd. AR 500G
FKCP/5320/53 Pot. Hydrogen Phthalate AR 500G
FKCP/5640/53 Pot. Hydroxide Pellets AR 500G-(P)
FKCP/5640/60 Pot. Hydroxide Pellets AR 1KG-(P)
FKCP/5880/53 Pot. Iodide AR 500G
FKCP/5880/60 Pot. Iodide AR 1KG
FKCP/6360/53 Pot. Oxalate AR 500G-(P)
FKCP/6560/53 Potassium Permanganate AR 500G (Class 5.1) -(P)
FKCP/6880/53 Pot. Sodium Tartrate AR 500G
FKCP/6880/60 Pot. Sodium Tartrate AR 1KG
FKCP/7000/53 Pot. Sulfate AR 500G
FKCP/7000/60 Pot. Sulfate AR 1KG
FKCP/7280/53 Pot. Thiocyanate AR 500G-(P)
FKCR/0400/46 Rose Bengal 25G
FKCS/0282/53 Salicylic Acid AR 500G
FKCS/0761/53 Silica Gel self indicating, 4-7 Mesh (2.5-6.0mm) 500G
FKCS/0820/48 Silicone Antifoaming Agent 100G
FKCS/1280/48 Silver Nitrate AR 100G, Class 5.1
FKCS/1400/48 Silver Sulfate AR 100G
FKCS/2040/53 Sodium Acetate Trihydrate AR 500G
FKCS/2046/50 Sodium Acetate Trihydrate HPLC 250G
FKCS/2120/53 Sodium Acetate Anhyd. AR 500G
FKCS/2160/53 Sodium Alginate 500G
FKCS/2380/48 Sodium Azide AR, 100g Class 6.1
FKCS/2380/53 Sodium Azide AR, 500g Class 6.1
FKCS/2760/60 Sodium Carbonate Decahydrate AR 1KG
FKCS/2920/53 Sodium Carbonate Anhyd. AR 500G
FKCS/2920/60 Sodium Carbonate Anhyd. AR 1KG
FKCS/3160/60 Sodium Chloride AR 1KG
FKCS/3320/60 Tri-Sodium Citrate AR 1KG
FKCS/3760/53 Sodium Dihyd. Orthophosphate AR 500G
FKCS/3760/60 Sodium Dihyd. Orthophosphate AR 1KG
FKCS/3920/53 Sodium Fluoride AR, 500g Class 6.1 UN:1690 – (P)
FKCS/4120/53 Sodium Hexametaphosphate Flake 500G
FKCS/4240/53 Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate AR 500G
FKCS/4240/60 Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate AR 1KG
FKCS/4400/53 Di-Sodium Hyd. Orthophosphate Dodecahydr. AR 500G
FKCS/4400/60 Di-Sodium Hyd. Orthophosphate Dodecahydr. AR 1KG
FKCS/4450/53 Di-Sodium Hyd. Orthophosphate Dihydr. AR 500G
FKCS/4520/53 Di Sodium Hyd. Orthophosphate Anhyd. AR 500G
FKCS/4520/60 Di-Sodium Hyd. Orthophosphate Anhyd. AR 1KG
FKCS/4920/60 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets AR 1KG-(P)
FKCS/5200/53 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate 500G
FKCS/5250/53 Sodium Metabisulfite AR 500G
FKCS/5720/48 Sodium Nitroprusside AR 100G
FKCS/5760/53 Tri-Sodium Orthophosphate SLR 500G
FKCS/6640/53 Sodium Sulfate Anhyd. AR 500G
FKCS/6640/60 Sodium Sulfate Anhyd. AR 1KG
FKCS/6850/53 Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous AR 500G
FKCS/6850/60 Sodium Sulfite Anhyd. AR 1KG
FKCS/6922/53 Sodium Tartrate AR 500G
FKCS/7040/53 Di-Sodium Tetraborate AR 500G – (P)
FKCS/7240/53 Sodium Thiosulfate AR 500G
FKCS/7240/60 Sodium Thiosulfate AR 1KG
FKCS/7960/53 Starch Soluble SLR 500G
FKCS/8130/53 Stearic Acid 500G
FKCS/8600/60 Sucrose AR 1KG
FKCS/8641/53 Sulfamic Acid AR 500G
FKCS/8720/48 Sulfanilic Acid (4-Aminobenzene Sulfonic Acid) 100 AR
FKCT/0250/53 (+)-Tartaric Acids Crystal AR, 500g
FKCT/0250/60 Tartaric acid Certified AR 1kg.
FKCT/1450/48 Thymol SLR 100gm
FKCT/1654/53 Tin (II) Chloride Hydrated AR 500G
FKCT/1661/53 Tin (IV) Chloride Hydrated 500G
FKCT/3000/53 Trichloroacetic Acid AR 500G
FKCT/3710/50 Tris Hydroxymethyl -Methylamine SLR 250G
FKCT/3751/08 Triton X-100 500ML
FKCT/4203/60 Tween 80 1KG
FKCT/4205/60 Tween 40 1KG
FKCT/4206/60 Tween 20 1KG
FKCT/P630/53 Tris Buffer Biological 500G
FKCT/P631/48 Tris-Hcl 100G
FKCZ/0300/53 Zinc (Metal) Granulated AR 500G
FKCZ/0450/53 Zinc Metal Powder 500G
FKCZ/0700/50 Zinc Acetate AR 250G
FKCZ/0700/53 Zinc Acetate AR 500G
FKCZ/0870/53 Zinc Chloride AR 500G
FKCZ/1350/53 Zinc Oxide AR 500G
FKCZ/1600/53 Zinc Sulfate AR 500G

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