Volumetric Standard Solution

Part No Description
FKC#B/4760/77 Buffer Tablets Ph4 (Phthalate) 50 TAB
FKC#B/4765/77 Buffer Tablets Ph7 (Phthalate) 50 TAB
FKC#B/4770/77 Buffer Tablets Ph9.2 (Borate) 50 TAB
FKC#J/2825/15 Buffer Solution Ph 4 Colored Red 1L
FKC#J/2855/15 Buffer Solution Ph 7 Colored Yellow 1L
FKC#J/2885/15 Buffer Solution Ph 10 Colored Blue 1L..
FKC#J/2820/15 Buffer Solution Ph4 Phthalate 1L (colorless)
FKC#J/2850/15 Buffer Solution Ph7 Phosphate 1L (colorless)
FKC#J/2870/15 Buffer Solution Ph 9.2 (Borate) 1L (colorless)
FKC#J/2880/15 Buffer Solution Ph10 Borate 1L (colorless)
FKC#J/4320/17 Hydrochloric Acid 1M(1N) SVS 2.5L-(P)
FKC#J/4320C/90 Hydrochloric Acid 1M(1N) CVS 6 AMP-(P)
FKC#J/4330/17 Hydrochloric Acid 0.5M(0.5N) SVS 2.5L-(P)
FKC#J/4350/17 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M(0.1N) SVS 2.5L-(P)
FKC#J/4350C/90 Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M(0.1N) CVS 6 AMP-(P)
FKC#J/5820/PB15 Perchloric Acid 0.1M SVS 1L-(P) – (short S/Life)
FKC#J/7330C/90 Silver Nitrate 0.1M(0.1N) CVS 6 AMP BY AIR ONLY
FKC#J/7620/17 Sodium Hydroxide 1M (1N) SVS 2.5L-(P) BY AIR ONLY
FKC#J/7620C/90 Sodium Hydroxide 1M (1N) CVS 6 AMP-(P) BY AIR ONLY
FKC#J/7660/17 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M (0.1N) Carbonat Free SVS 2.5L-(P) BY AIR ONLY
FKC#J/7660C/90 Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M(0.1N) CVS 6 AMP-(P) BY AIR ONLY
FKC#J/8430C/90 Sulfuric Acid 0.5M (1N) CVS 6 AMP-(P)
FKC#J/8460C/90 Sulfuric Acid 0.05M(0.1N) CVS 6 AMP-(P)
FKCJ/2983/05 Potassium Chloride Satur. Soln. 100MLFKCJ/2984/05 Potasium Chloride Sol.4M Saturated W/AG CL, 100ml  

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